Wildlyfe Beezy weeknights 7pm-midnight

Wildlyfe Beezy is a proud Savannah State University graduate. Not only is he very active on social media, with a large following on major platforms, but he also hosts a variety of events, from concerts to local school functions. Know to light up any room, he brings as much energy to the mic as he does in person. His charisma and char have led to several on-air interviews with some of today’s hottest hip-hop and R&B superstars.

Wildlyfe Beezy’s musical journey began at the young age of nine, when he learned how to first DJ. His deep passion for radio is inspired by DJ Dyce Law. Proud of Savannah’s food and unique culture, Beezy is dedicated to helping his community, especially inspiring kids from impoverished areas. You can find Beezy nightly from 7p-12a on E93 FM, 93.1 FM.

Check out the Wildlyfe Beezy Weeknights 7-12 midnight & Saturday 3pm-8pm on E93!


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